Rear Harness + Dry Bag DGS

Saddle harness and seam-sealed dry bag which attaches under your seat.

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Weight: 330 - 370 g   Capacity: 10.0 - 14.0 L

$219.00 - $249.00

Rear Harness + Dry Bag DGS

Saddle harness and seam-sealed dry bag which attaches under your seat. The tapered dry bag can be attached/removed quickly and easily while leaving the harness in place. This system is great for multi-sporters or adventure racers who need to be able to add/remove bags frequently at transitions.

Secure Fit

The saddle harness features a 7 strap system to allow easy loading and a secure fit of the dry bag. Combined with strategically placed stiffening and Hyperlon patches, this results in minimal 'tail wag' and an adjustable wheel clearance angle.


The saddle harness and dry bag have been specifically designed to be used together. Opposing buckles on the dry bag clip to matching buckles on the harness, but can also be clipped to each other when the dry bag is removed from the harness to be used as a handle.

Special Edition Colours

Please see the features section for the current range of colours.

Internal organisation

ROBO-KIWI recommends using Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil dry sacks for additional waterproofing and internal organisation.

What to put in it

This harness and bag system is ideal for spare clothing and other items which need to be kept dry. It can also be used to carry overnight food, cooker, etc.

How to pack it

Attach the empty harness to your seat, clipping the side buckles through the seat rails and fastening the velcro around your seat post. Pack the tapered dry bag (place heavy, dense items in the nose, and lighter, bulkier items towards the rear), roll the top so that it’s nice and tight, then insert into the harness, clip the opposing buckles on the dry bag clip to the matching buckles on the harness and tighten all the straps. The harness remains in place when you remove the dry bag, allowing for quick transitions.

Product Code:RK27DGS
Weight:330 - 370 g
Capacity:10.0 - 14.0 L


Minimum seat-rail to rear tyre clearance (after any suspension compression)

Size small: 15cm

Size medium: 17cm

Size large: 19cm

Exact fit depends on bike geometry and how far forward or back the seat is on its rails. These numbers are a guide only.