Cafe Bag XP

Handy, detachable accessories bag for storing your valuables.

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Weight: 115 g   Capacity: 2.0 L

$79.00 - $94.00

Cafe Bag XP

Handy, detachable accessories bag for storing your valuables. Even if you’re not willing to admit it, half the enjoyment of bike packing is the time when you aren’t riding – the stops! Whether it is for the fantastic view, the well earned rest or the vast quantities of food. If you are trying to keep weight off your back (if you’re reading about bikepacking bags, then you probably are), there are usually a few things you’ll want with you during your stops, so a bag you can quickly remove from your bike and sling over your shoulder is very handy indeed!

Integrated attachment system

The Cafe Bag is designed to work together with the Handlebar Front Harness + Dry Bag XP. It includes integrated jacket carry loops. 

An optional detachable shoulder strap is available separately.

What to put in it

Great for those valuables and items you want to keep close at all times (and not leave with your bike!) or information you want quick access to during your stop (eg. wallet, passport, phone, keys, maps, route description, camera, etc.). Side mesh pockets are great for stashing snack wrappers (or your toothbrush!) while riding.

How to pack it

The Cafe bag can be packed on or off the bike. It detaches quickly and easily for refuelling stops at cafes and supermarkets or when you need to make a quick stop and leave your bike. Packing options are made easy with three pockets: a main pocket with double ended zip extending around the top side for easy access, a second external pocket on the front and one internal pocket for valuables (complete with key hook).

Product Code:RK50XP
Weight:115 g
Capacity:2.0 L
Height:19 cm
Width:24 cm
Depth:7 cm

Here at Robo-Kiwi we are all about lightweight bike packing solutions. Our standard option is designed to be very weight efficient and is lighter than many competitors “ultralight” options.

However, if you'd like to save more weight, check out the Cafe Bag UL.